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Instructions for the use of fertilizer potato formula for potatoes


Potatoes are practically the most popular culture in Russian gardens. But how to make the cultivation of potatoes more productive and prolific? If you are interested in this question, then It is worth paying attention to the selection of a suitable fertilizer. So rightly called the remedy Potato formula, instructions for use of which are given in this review.

Instructions for use

This fertilizer is easy to use. In order for the application to have a positive impact on the crop, bring in during the spring tillage under the ground from the calculation of 60 grams per 1 square meter. In early spring, they dig up the soil at the site, then add the Potato formula. After introduction, re-dig the soil to the depth of the spade bayonet, removing rhizomes of weed plants along the way.

Fertilizer Potato formula contribute field digging site

If you want to improve the condition of the soil, and at the same time get rid of pests such as wireworms and the Colorado potato beetle, then you should pay attention to the use of top dressing and during planting: add 15-20 grams of Potato Formula to each well. In general, putting the drug in the hole will help strengthen the potatoes.

Also, this drug is used not only when entering into the soil, but also for basal bait. 50-80 g will be enough for one hundredth fertilizerdivorced in a liter of pure water.

During the growing season this substance is introduced as a top dressing.

Feed only in a dry way, also adding to potato wells.

It was the universality and practicality of this feeding that helped her to win her vocation among many Russian summer residents. And its inexpensive price only attracts attention from many people.

Release form

Potato formula Available in small white bags of one, two and a half, or five kilograms. The preparation contains such minerals as phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium. Available in the form of granules. This allows you to make the drug in a dry form, and dilute it with water. This fact should be noted: thanks to him the range of application of fertilizer is greatly expanded.

Differences Potato formula from other fertilizers

Fertilizer typeApplication
Before landingDuring landingAfter landing
Potato formula+++

What fertilizers are best for potatoes

It is best to use balanced fertilizers for potatoes, with plenty of vitamins and minerals to feed potatoes and other solanaceous. Potatoes, albeit unpretentious, but in need of constant care and care. It is important to keep the crop in a viable state throughout the growth in order to get a rich and healthy crop. At the same time, do not overdo it with chemical dressings: perhaps, after using them, the potatoes will become tasteless, or even completely unsuitable for food.

Give preference to the most natural preparations with the addition of minerals, to which the Potato formula belongs. It is an innovation in the Russian market. and has already managed to establish itself as a high-quality and nutritious product. Many gardeners do not buy this tool for the first time and are satisfied with the high quality.

Fertilizer Potato formula will help to get a rich and high-quality crop of potatoes

This excellent fertilizer has a lot of advantages in comparison with classical ones.

Compared with fertilizers of natural (animal) origin, such as manure, litter or compost, in bio-fertilizer Potato formula contains more minerals and elements that are useful for growth.

Mineral, Nitrogen, Potash and others, containing only a small amount of a certain substance, are not suitable for permanent use.

It is important that the fertilizer is well suited for several methods of application, thereby saving you both money and time.

It is also important that the top dressing does not contain the conglomerates. This fact will allow the grower to grow healthy and tasty potatoes, having protected him from pests and outside influence without adding chemical and dangerous substances. Of course, manure or ash fertilizers are considered safe and easy to use.so also do not require a huge purchase cost. But, nevertheless useful substances in them contain much less, than in chemical.


When choosing a top dressing, it is necessary to carefully and scrupulously read the composition and information on the possibility of using the drug in several ways. It is important that the price be appropriate to the composition and mass, and the very fertilizer contains only minerals and vitamins. natural origin.

It is not recommended to purchase top dressing with chemical additives that will necessarily affect the taste or growth of potatoes.

The most suitable choice at the moment is Potato formula, because it is suitable for several types of soil saturation. Use this tool in different ways, but the quality will not let you down.. Pay attention to the manufacturer: it is better if it is popular among other summer residents and a reputable company.