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A detailed description of the amber variety strawberry Tuscany


Exotic strawberry Tuscany is named after the eponymous wine-growing region of Italy. She fell in love with gardeners for the decorative flowering that will not leave anyone indifferent and has become a godsend for those who do not have the ability to grow berries on the plot. The strawberry variety Tuscany bears fruits in pots on window sills and plays the role of an ampelous plant., combining at the same time benefit and beauty. The description and features of agricultural technology of this variety can be found below.

Description strawberry varieties Tuscany

The variety Tuscany is relatively young, known since 2011. It is a hybrid of berry crops. It is classified as garden strawberry. Its origin belongs to the Italian company "ABZ seeds".

The first presentation of strawberries Tuscany has created a furor among the breeders. Since then, it is in great demand in the countries of near and far abroad.

Growing hybrid strawberry special works is not. If desired, even a novice gardener will cope with this task.

take cover;
  • put the container on the illuminated window sill;
  • continue moisturizing;
  • to control temperature condition;
  • with the appearance of 2 leaves dive;
  • transplant seedlings in separate cups for undergrowth.
  • Priming

    A fertile and breathable soil is suitable for remontant strawberries. For cultivation in pots, you can use ready-made store mixes "for strawberries". Ground mix can be prepared independently.

    Soil recipe:

    • 6 pieces of peat land;
    • 3 pieces of sod land;
    • 3 pieces of humus or compost;
    • 1 part sand or vermiculite.
    For planting in the capacity of each bush will need up to 3 liters of land.

    Care shoots


    • контролировать формирование усов;
    • обеспечить солнечное освещение летом;
    • притенять во время жаркой погоды;
    • зимой дополнить освещение искусственными лампами дневного света;
    • регулярно проветривать;
    • летом выносить на свежий воздух;
    • не допускать понижения температуры менее +18С;
    • проводить подкормки.


    Being a remontant sort Tuscany breeds only mustache. Seeds collected at home, do not have the characteristics of the parent plant. For seed cultivation, only seeds purchased from a specialty store are suitable.

    Winter content

    In addition to the usual planting in the ground, given the curly nature of the plant, its can be planted outside in vertical pyramidal and trellis constructions. The original method of growing in large containers with holes in diameter.

    Diseases and pests control measures

    Growing strawberries Tuscany and caring for it is nothing special does not differ from similar hybrid varieties. All lovers of new products are encouraged to try cultivation on the site or on the windowsill this "Italian beauty". She deserves to become not only an ornament, but also year-round suppliers of fresh berries to the table. Especially, children will be happy.