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Detailed description and characteristics of potato varieties red fantasy


Those summer residents and gardeners whose work is aimed at obtaining a consistently high yield, Preference should be given to Red Fantasy. The variety was bred in the Netherlands relatively recently, in 2011, and has excellent characteristics. It is quite unusual, as it relates to brightly colored potato varieties. It has a red skin and a yellow flesh on the cut. This also plays an important role in the selection of seed.

Characteristics of a variety

The variety is characterized by elongated oval and large tubers. Considered mid-season. Red Fantasy is well kept throughout the winter and not picky about transportation.

It has pink skin. Its originality contributes to great demand among buyers. It is suitable for personal consumption and the manufacture of industrial semi-finished products.

It is recommended to grow this type of potato for industrial and farm production. The summer resident will also receive a good result.

Best grown in regions like Central, Volgo-Vyatsky (RF).

Potatoes mid-season, suitable for cultivation in the Central and Volga-Vyatka regions

Description of Red Fantasy Potatoes

Red Fantasy is a mid-late potato variety. Ripening period 100-110 days.

The bush is tall, the leaves are large, light green, Inflorescence pink-violet color.

Tubers are large, 100-120 grams, oval with a minimum number and small "eyes". In one bush 10-12 tubers, about the same size.

Suitable for planting in farms and suburban areas. Potatoes of this variety tolerate long-term transportation and with proper storage does not lose its taste until spring.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of the variety:

  1. Under favorable weather conditions, high yields, an average of 400 centners per hectare.
  2. When cooked, the flesh remains yellow.
  3. The taste of potatoes is bright, rich.
  4. Excellent for sale on the market, as it has an excellent presentation.
  5. It has a low starch content (15-16%), which makes it ideal for use in cooking, including food for children.
  6. It is not susceptible to potato diseases, such as: cancer, common scab, leaf curl viruses, black leg, late blight, ring rot and wet rot.

There are practically no flaws in this variety.if the care and cultivation is done properly, they will not arise.

Advantages of a grade: high productivity, has the small content of starch, is steady against diseases

Features of growing and care

Red Fantasy, like any other variety, has its own peculiarities of cultivation. Consider them in more detail.


For planting material is better to choose healthy, even, medium sized tubers. From small tubers a big harvest is not obtained. If desired, two weeks before planting, they can be germinated.

Since Red Fantasy belongs to the middle-late variety, it is not necessary to germinate it.

The next step is to prepare the soil. With all the unpretentiousness of this variety, the land should not be waterlogged.

Before planting, the ground must be loosened on the spade bayonet by removing weeds. When planting tubers, it is advisable to add rotted manure or humus to the well.

Since this potato is different in bulk green mass of the bush, the distance between the holes must be at least 35 cm. Depth of landing is 10 - 12 cm.

Two weeks before planting, germinate the tubers, the distance between the holes should be at least 35 cm

Hilling and watering

Hilling is very important agronomic reception. It is necessary to protect seedlings from frost, and wintered Colorado beetles. And most importantly, loosening the soil allows the green mass to grow faster.

Hilling should be done until the buds appear on the seedlings, as at this time the tubers begin to actively form.

Same it is advisable to loosen the ground after every rain or watering. So we destroy the malicious weeds (sow thistles, wheatgrass) and the plants get the oxygen they need.

Since the Red Fantasy potato loves a moderately moist soil, drip irrigation will be the best solution.

Watering is recommended drip, need hilling and loosening

Top dressing

After planting, to get a big harvest, Need to spend at least 3 dressing.

First feeding for the growth of the green mass of the bush, is carried out with nitrogen fertilizers two weeks after planting.

Directly for Red Fantasy, a 10% reduction in nitrogen fertilization is recommended.

Second feeding to increase the mass of tubers, must contain a complex of mineral fertilizers, in which potassium and phosphorus predominate.

And the final third dressingIt is necessary for the enrichment of potatoes with nutrients. It takes place three weeks before harvesting by applying organic fertilizers, namely, manure.

Diseases and pests

This potato is enough resistant to various diseases and pests. Rarely ill with diseases such as: potato cancer, golden-cysto-forming nematodes, common scab.

It is also not damaged by many legitimate viruses. Thanks to early maturation, has no damage to late blight.

Potatoes are resistant to late blight, cancer, scab, golden-cysto-forming nematode

Harvesting and storage

Harvest is better to clean in dry weather.. Till the evening dew, it is better to leave the tubers in the sun, and clean them in a dry, shady, ventilated place in the evening.

It is better to immediately burn the potato tops, and not to lay them on the compost mass, since it can contain pest larvae and disease spores.

Harvest put in storage no earlier than two weeks. During this time, all spoiled, rotten tubers are rejected. Because of one sick potato, there is a high probability that the entire crop will die.

It is best to store potatoes in cellars and cellarsin aerated tanks. It may be containers or piles. To prevent mold, the tubers need to pour ash.

Red Fantazy varieties with its great merits, unpretentious, ideal for sale, and its cultivation does not take much time. Therefore, it is suitable even for those who have no experience in the cultivation of potatoes.