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15 of the most delicious and productive varieties of potatoes


Potatoes have long been considered the most popular crop grown in Russia. Consider in the article which varieties are best to choose in order to get a high-quality and large crop.

List of the best varieties of potato alphabetically

There is approximately 280 subspecies potatoes, which can be grown in different climatic zones. Many varieties have found their popularity in industrial production, some liked gardeners to plant on the site. Consider the most popular varieties and species in a small catalog alphabetically.


Its main advantage is a large, even fruit.

Main characteristics:

  • early variety;
  • fruitful - 500 kg / ha;
  • most popular for cooking in restaurants;
  • high disease resistance;
  • contains high levels of starch up to 17%.
Idaho - the most popular variety for cooking in restaurants

Landing is carried out in early spring, when the frosts have already passed, and the temperature reaches 8 degrees.

Bela Rosa

Bela Rosa - the most popular in the territories of the CIS countries.

Main characteristics:

  • early maturing, in the south you can get several harvests per season;
  • with proper watering and fertilizing high yields - 350 kg / ha;
  • large oval-shaped root vegetable (approximately 200-500g fetus).

You should know that on the ground without feeding grows poorly. It is recommended to grow it after legumes.

Bela Rosa

Red Scarlet

Dutch variety is not inferior in its characteristics even Belarusian. It is characterized by medium roots with excellent taste characteristics.

Often used for cooking in restaurants.

Main characteristics:

  • bush is short, blooms with lilac flowers;
  • the variety is susceptible to diseases: phytophorosis and scab;
  • the fruit is shaped like an oblong oval;
  • peel from red to pinkish-purple color;
  • cream-colored flesh;
  • tolerates heat well;
  • the weight of one fruit is from 70-200 grams;
  • on one bush up to 15 tubers.
Red scarlett


Rosara is early maturing, matures for 70 days. Used in new and modern industry for the preparation of dry raw materials.

Main characteristics:

  • the flesh is pale yellow;
  • on average, the fruit weighs about 70-130g;
  • fruit shape is oval, slightly elongated;
  • keeps its shape well due to its low starch content;
  • yield 500 kg / ha.


Refers to late varieties of potatoes. Fully matures later 110-130 days after germination.

Main characteristics:

  • high yield, with 1 hectare can get up to 20 tons potatoes;
  • tuber color pink-yellow;
  • mass of one fetus varies from 100-150 gr;
  • white-yellow flesh;
  • taste great;
  • prone to disease - late blight;
  • possesses high shelf life.
Planting is carried out in the spring when there is no frost, but the soil is still wet.


Tuleyevsky is well adapted to many climatic conditions, actively planted on farms.

Main characteristics:

  • the shape of the fruit is flat, oval;
  • pulp of a light yellow shade;
  • fetal weight 100-300 gr.;
  • when cooking well retains shape;
  • has a great potato flavor;
  • does not require constant fertilizing.

Planting begins only after the soil warms up to +10 degrees. Watering is not required. Minus - his can not be stored for longsince it starts to fade.



German early ripe potato variety Gala has excellent taste properties and is distinguished by the high content of starch in the fruit.

Main characteristics:

  • from 1 weave can be collected up to 400 kg potatoes;
  • root crops are round, small in size with yellow skin;
  • the flesh is bright yellow;
  • average potato weight 60-130g;
  • prone to infection with the black bucket.
Considered one of the best hybrid varieties.

Ripens within 75 days, during this period you can collect potatoes. Potatoes should be planted immediately as the air temperature reached 10 degrees.


Delicious Dutch, considered one of the most delicious Root Potatoes.

Main characteristics:

  • from 1 weave collected up to 220 kg harvest;
  • tuber weight varies from 150 to 350 grams;
  • from one bush about 20 fruits come out.
Dauphiné - one of the most delicious potato varieties


The most suitable variety for those who want to grow potatoes for themselves.

Main characteristics:

  • possesses excellent taste;
  • gives high yield up to 390 kg per hectare;
  • tuber weight reaches 400 gr;
  • high grade bushes strong up to 80 cm;
  • boil well during cooking;
  • resistant to such diseases as powdery mildew and fungi.


There are several varieties of Neva in time of maturation. It is considered an elite, grows well in all conditions.

Main characteristics:

  • yield up to 350 kg with weave;
  • for planting you need to choose not germinated tubers, after germination, plant those with short shoots;
  • tubers with long shoots are unacceptable for sowing;
  • refers to medium late;
  • ripening occurs in 75-90 days;
  • oval in shape, with light yellow skin and creamy flesh;
  • like heat, so it is recommended to land when the frosts have passed.


It is considered early maturing dining rooms.

On the 45th day it is already possible to get the first harvest, but in general the harvest time on 70-75 day.

Main characteristics:

  • from each bush can be collected on 2 kg fruits;
  • weather resistant, tolerates transport well;
  • almost immune to disease, there is the likelihood of late blight infection and viral diseases;
  • the flesh is pale yellow;
  • requires care, watering, making organic;
  • well kept during the winter.


Refers to the elite who require special care. If you follow all the rules you can collect up to 950 c / ha.

Main characteristics:

  • tuber weight 170 gr;
  • refers to the middle ripening (on average 90 days);
  • from a bush it is possible to collect up to 15 kg of root crops;
  • It tolerates winter well and is stored well for a long time.


Bred by breeders in Germany 25 years ago. I still love gourmets due to excellent taste.

Main characteristics:

  • the peel has a yellow tinge, slightly rough to the touch;
  • the pulp may be light yellow or deep yellow;
  • the shape of the root is round-oval;
  • average fetus weight 140 gr.;
  • the variety can be planted in open ground at the end of April, propagated by tubers;
  • full maturation occurs after 65-80 days;
  • high-yielding, from 1 hectare can be obtained up to 45 tons.


Treats early ripe, perfectly transfers heat and sharp differences of temperatures.

This subspecies can be found in all regions of Russia.

Main characteristics:

  • root mass varies from 80 to 200 gr;
  • the peel has a soft amber shade;
  • the flesh is light yellow;
  • before planting it is recommended to process copper sulphate;
  • contains high levels of starch up to 17%;
  • from one hectare collected 250 centners potatoes;
  • landing is done in early May.


The early ripe potatoes, has pleasant taste.

Main characteristics:

  • elongated oval fruit;
  • the peel is yellow, the flesh is light cream;
  • tuber weighs about 80-200 gr;
  • contains high levels of starch up to 17%;
  • there is the likelihood of late blight infection;
  • yield 300 kg / ha.

The taste of potatoes is improved if it contains a large amount of starch. You can influence the taste of the fruit with the right care: watering, fertilizer.


Potato subspecies

Different varieties of potatoes are suitable not for all regions of Russia. Although most are acclimatized under the temperate zone, there are species that are most suitable for central Russia and Siberia.

The same potato differs in shade of pulp, taste, features, ripening. Based on this, you can classify them as follows:

Classification of varieties by growth

Geographical positionVariety Names
For central RussiaNevsky, Felox, Sprint, Latona, Red Scarlet, Picasso
For Moscow regionTuleevsky, Gala, Nevsky, Good Luck, Sprint, Pai, Dauphiné, Idaho, Bela Rosa, Rosara
For SiberiaAdretta, Luck, Scarlet, Tuleevsky, Nevsky

Yield types

Red Potatoes with Yellow FleshBela Rosa, Red Scarlet, Rosara
Crumbly varietiesIdaho, Pai
High yieldingRosara, Adretta, Luck
Pink potatoPicasso
Yellow potatoesIdaho, Tuleyevsky, Gala, Sprint, Felox

Maturity classification

Medium early50-60 daysIdaho, Bela Rosa, Rosara, Red Scarlet
Mid-season80-95 daysLatona, Luck
Middle late95-100 daysAtlant, Nevsky
Late4 monthsPicasso

All of the above varieties of potatoes have excellent characteristics and taste. Most are resistant to diseases and have high yields.