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Proper processing of potatoes before planting from the Colorado potato beetle


Processing potatoes before planting is a crucial stage in the preparation of seed material. Proper processing - the key to a good harvest. And the best way to combat plant diseases and insect pests is prevention.

As a pre-sowing protection before germinating seeds, you can soak or spray the tubers with the help of folk remedies. It helps to increase germination. From pests tubers need to be pickled with special preparations.

What to handle before planting

How and how to process potatoes is up to you. And from the right choice of method and composition for processing depends on the harvest.

Against the Colorado potato beetle

  • put onion peel and ash in the hole
  • planted in the middle of the potato plants that scare the beetle: garlic, beets, coriander, beans, calendula
  • synthetic poison (Prestige drug)

To increase yields

Planting material is treated for three days before planting fertilizer solution.

It speeds up shoots, and improves yields on average. by 15%.

From diseases

  • Cultivate the land from phytophthora solution Baikal M-1
  • To process tubers with solution copper sulphate or drug Fitosporin M.

Growth stimulator after germination

Epin - Immune stimulant for potatoes. Helps survive the plant freeze and stimulates intensive growth and branch formation, which increases productivity by 50%.

Poteytin - a proven stimulant that accelerates the germination rate for a week, strengthens the resistance of the stems to damage and increases the yield by 20%.

Bioglobin - Stimulator of a new generation. Made on the basis of mammalian placenta and causes a short-term doubling of the rate of cell growth. Using the drug according to the instructions, the yield is doubled.

Normal presowing treatment

From wireworm

Against a wireworm, seed potatoes are processed by the following substances:

  • Taboo. It helps to protect from pests to the formation of the first 4 leaves.
  • Prestige. Can be used on all varieties of potatoes, except for early varieties.
Prestige is derived from tubers only after 2 months.

From aphids

When treating tubers with a preparation Commander, the potato is protected not only from aphids, but also from the wireworm and the Colorado potato beetle.

Means Komandor helps not only from aphids, but also from the wireworm and the Colorado potato beetle

Gardening potatoes

In order to speed up the process of the growing season of the plant, in order for the plant to grow healthy and with good immunity, in order to save the plant from many diseases, seed potatoes must be subjected to a landscaping process. Sunlight getting on the skin of tubers "includes" the process of photosynthesis of a plant, thereby stimulating its growth.

The process is autumn and spring. In the autumn laid out seed potatoes in good dry weather in a sunny place. From time to time, turn the tubers as they are planted.

Autumn gardening has the advantage that seed in green is stored much better than ordinary potatoes. And the rodents are not very fond of green potatoes.

In the spring potatoes are also laid out in a well-lit place, and also turn it over as it stains in green. But you need to monitor the temperature regime (+10 +12 degrees). Sometimes, when the weather permits, they take it outside, tempering the planting material in this way.

To improve the immunity of potatoes can be planted tubers

How to process potato seeds before planting

In order to get good material for planting potatoes, which does not carry hereditary diseases, you need take the seeds (not tubers!) from fruits formed in the autumn on a potato plant, rinse them and dry.

In the spring to process these seeds with micronutrients, and plant on seedlings. It should be borne in mind that picking such a seedling does not tolerate very well. When harvesting from such plants, you need to choose the best specimens in form and quality, regardless of size.

From the fruits of potatoes you can get seeds that do not carry hereditary diseases

Substances to apply to seed potatoes

Potassium permanganate

A solution of manganese acid potassium is used to process potatoes. before landing. On one bucket of water stir one gram of potassium permanganate. Prepared for planting tubers put in the solution for 40 minutes.

Copper sulfate

Copper sulphate solution is used for the same purposes as potassium permanganate. For one bucket of water you need to put 10 grams of vitriol and the same amount of zinc sulfate.


Processing of tubers before planting is carried out by Fitosporin M from phytophthora. In one liter of water add 60 milliliters of liquid means of Fitosporin M.

Fitosporin M is used to combat phytophthora on potatoes


The drug is used to combat both the Colorado potato beetle and potato aphid.

Applied it either by spraying the plant or by adding to the ground. On a bucket of water you need to dilute 2 grams of aktar. Once sprinkle the plants before flowering, the second time after digging potatoes.


For processing tool and spraying bushes from nematode apply a 10% solution of ammonia with an amount of 10 milliliters per bucket of water.

Boric acid

When the scab appears the bed is treated with a solution of boric acid. In a bucket of water diluted 6 grams. This amount must be poured into 10 square meters of soil.


The drug is well suited for preplant processing potato tubers. Having processed planting material, it forms a protective “shell” through which such diseases as fusarium, rot, and fomoz do not penetrate. At 1 liter of water diluted 40 ml of the drug and sprayed tubers.

Drug Maxim for processing tubers before planting


The drug has several beneficial properties for the plant. Stimulates the rapid growth and development of the plant. It has insecticidal properties.

Namely: destroys virtually all potato pests. The drug is endowed with fungicidal properties. Namely: it prevents the penetration into the plant of almost all diseases.

To process the planting material with this drug, you need to prepare a solution. 100 ml of the drug is added to 1 liter of water. Tubers are sprayed with this solution, and after about a couple of hours, when they dry, you can begin planting in the ground.


Wood ash

The huge scope makes ashes indispensable in your garden. Potatoes are soaked in a solution of wood ash (about 100 grams per bucket) before landing.

After bathing the seed potatoes in a solution of potassium permanganate or copper sulfate, it is sprinkled with ashes. It is placed in a place for planting potatoes at the rate of 100 grams per square meter.

Ash not only plays the role of potash fertilizer and disinfects seed and the earth, but also scares off such pests as the leaf beetle.

The introduction of ash in the hole disinfects seed

Soaking potatoes before planting

Farmers with experience soak potato tubers before planting for two days in a special solution that feeds seed.

It is said that the plant germination improves, the rate of tuber formation increases, and the overall potato yield increases by 15 percent.

It is very simple to make a solution for soaking with your own hands. In a bucket of water you need to dissolve 40 grams nitrogen fertilizerthen as much superphosphate and the same amount potassium salt. For soaking 50 kilograms of potato tubers, this should be enough.

To grow a healthy, powerful and prolific potato plant, the possibility of disease and pest damage to potatoes must be avoided.

Careful soil preparation, planting material selection and potato processing before planting make it much easier. And knowing how to do it all right, you can grow a crop of potatoes, which all neighbors will envy.