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Instructions for use of growth stimulant epine for tomato seedlings


Strong, healthy tomato seedlings are a guarantee of a great harvest. To improve the quality of seedlings used to use growth promoters. The leader among such drugs is Epin extra. It is used for the processing of any crops, as well as in the care of flowers and in gardening. The article provides detailed instructions on the use of this drug for tomatoes.

The composition and purpose of the drug

Spraying with Appin contributes to the activation of the protective functions of the plant

Epin is a plant hormone, an analogue of the natural biostimulant cultures. The active substance is a solution of ebiprassinolide in alcohol of 0.025 g / l. The composition added shampoo for good adhesion of the stimulant to the leaves of the plant.

Epin is not considered a fertilizer, it does not feed the plants, it does not improve the composition of the soil. This drug is an adaptogen with anti-stress effect. That is, it helps crops to develop immunity against adverse natural phenomena, such as drought, rainfall, frost.

In addition, Appin performs a number of functions:

  • promotes fungus resistance (scab, peronospora, fusarium) and pests;
  • rejuvenates old plants. This is due to the stimulation of beating;
  • reduces the dangerous concentration of salts of nitric acid and radionuclides in the flesh of the fruit;
  • promotes fast rooting of seedlings after picking and transplanting plants to an open piece of land.
Ampula Epin Extra

The stimulant is contained in 1 ml ampoules and in vials of 50 ml and 1 liter. It has a pronounced smell of alcohol, foam is formed during the preparation of the solution.

The lack of foam when diluting Epina indicates that you have come across a fake stimulant. Processing this tool is not only not beneficial, but can also harm the plant.

Mechanism of action

Epin is a phytohormone that promotes the interaction of plant cells. Getting on the plant, it starts and corrects the processes of growth, photosynthesis, flowering, fruit formation.

The advantages and disadvantages of Appin compared with other means

  • not a plant fungicide not pushing them to grow, bear fruit, build root mass;
  • under the influence of sunlight active substanceevaporates easily;
  • activates the protective forces of the plant, but does not fertilize them, there are no useful trace elements in the composition;
  • spreads quickly on the plant.
Unlike root or heteroauxin, epin does not force plants to grow wildly, but simply contributes to survival in stressful situations.

Instructions for use

The consumption rate of the drug for each type of culture is different, so you need to use the existing recommendation on the package. Epin can be used at any stage of plant growth. It is suitable for seed treatment, during the growing season, during flowering and fruiting. The stimulator is completely dissolved in the plant within two weeks, so after this time the treatment can be repeated.

Preparation of working solution

Drain Epin filtered water, as the use of strongly alkaline water reduces the effect. To maintain optimal acidity of water, citric acid can be added to it at the rate of 0.2 g per 1 liter of water. The prepared preparation to keep no more than 24 hours in the darkened place.

Terms and methods of spraying seedlings

  • soaking seeds before planting in the ground. Consumption - 2 drops per 100 ml. This solution is enough for processing 10 - 15g of tomato seeds. Such presowing preparation will stimulate the activity of the seeds and will increase resistance to diseases;
Soaking of tomato seeds in Appin solution
  • phase of two or four true leaves. Consumption rate - 1 ampoule per liter of water. It is good to combine Epin with the Athlete. As a result of processing, the quality of seedlings is improved, it does not stretch out, does not lie down from the black leg fungus;
  • during the picks. It is advisable to process the seedlings a few hours before picks. Dilute 3 drops per 100ml of water. Due to processing with this solution before picking, seedlings tolerate stress more easily with possible damage to the roots;
  • when landing in the soil in the garden. Consumption rate - 1 ml per 5 liters of water. As a result of spraying, the period of acclimatization of tomato seedlings and the terms of rooting is shortened, resistance to late blight and alternariosis is increased;
  • in the period of budding and flowering. Consumption rate - 1 ampoule per 1 liter of water. Spraying at this stage helps preserve the ovary of the tomatoes;
  • under adverse weather conditions, handle every two weeks. Consumption is 1 ampoule per 5 liters of water. Use before the predicted soil frosts, with heat and lack of moisture, with the defeat of diseases and pests.

Security measures when working with the tool

Managing with a solution of Epin and the subsequent treatment of plants should be carried out using personal protective equipment.
  • all work is carried out in a gauze masktight gloves and goggles;
  • do not process plants in windy weather;
  • to work with Appin food containers cannot be used;
  • after processing wash your hands thoroughly and face soapy water;
  • do not be distracted by smoke breaks and food intake when working with the drug.

Compatibility with other drugs

It interacts well with most insecticide fungi and plant growth stimulants. It can be used with chelate fertilizers for processing per sheet.

It is not recommended to use Epin in combination with the Bordeaux mixture. It has an alkaline reaction with which this drug is poorly compatible.

Helping with poisoning

Epin is a drug of the third class of danger. It is practically harmless to humans. But in case of accidental contact with the skin and into the body, it is necessary to perform a series of actions.

In case of contact with Appin on open skin or eyes, the place should be rinsed with plenty of water.

When a stimulant gets on the skin - wipe the site of contact with medical alcohol or chlorhexidine. Next, rinse with plenty of water.

How to act if swallowed:

  • drink half a liter of clean water, induce vomiting, take activated charcoal;
  • seek advice in an ambulance, dictate the name of the drug, the active substance, the hazard class.

Storage conditions and shelf life

Store the drug in a dry, dark place, away from food, drugs, out of reach for children and pets. Do not freeze the drug. Shelf life - 3 years. A diluted stimulant must be consumed within 24 hours.

In conclusion, we can say that Epin is a multifunctional biological product. It will help grow strong tomato seedlings and other vegetables, will allow to obtain high yields. It is harmless to humans, animals and the environment. Therefore, it has become a popular drug in crop production.