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Royal jelly bee


Maxillary pharyngeal glands bees produce a special product - royal jelly. Its main purpose is to feed the larvae, which will become the uterus in the future. It is from bee bread that bee royal jelly is mined and collected. This nutrient mixture has in its composition a huge number of trace elements, which brings great benefits to the human body.

The composition of the product, how to collect and store?

Unique beekeeping product properties due to complex chemical composition. In it you can find:

  • Main part - water (almost 65% of the total composition).
  • Proteinaceous substances.
  • Part carbohydrate.
  • Fat
  • Mineral salt.
  • Group of vitamins.
  • Hormones (in particular sexual).
  • Trace elements
  • Colbit, zinc, iron - These are the trace elements that are necessary for blood building. In addition to them, there is also manganese and biologically active substances in royal jelly.

A beekeeper can collect a small amount of royal jelly from queen cells laid by motherless families. In this case, the collection of milk from the queen cells after removal of the larva is easy to carry out by removing it with a special pharmaceutical glass spoon. After collecting the milk, the family is returned to the uterus, destroying the queen cells.

Keep Milk can be at a temperature of 25 degrees no more than 3 days. Maximum term - a week.

Natural Royal Jelly

The content of vitamins in royal jelly, mg / kg

Thiamine, B1 1-17
Riboflavin, B25-24
Pantothenic acid, B536-265
Pyridoxine, B63-55
Niacin, PP45-190
Biotin, H1,5-5
Folic acid0,1-0,6

In what form they sell, how to accept and distinguish a fake?

You can find pure royal jelly in the form of tablets, honey, granules and frozen. Each of the forms of release is useful in its own way and is used for different purposes. To distinguish a fake you need to pay attention to several factors at once - price, color, and, if possible, taste. Application Methods also vary depending on the form of release, but the general rules of admission still exist.

The first thing to note is - royal jelly, according to the instructions, not taken at nightBecause the active ingredients in the product are tonic and it will be difficult for a person to fall asleep. On the contrary, to increase activity and give vitality, the product must be consumed in the form of honey.

The most effective way of receiving royal jelly is considered resorption under the tongue. Thus, a large amount of saliva is produced, which also has beneficial enzymes.

In granules

Royal jelly in granules

In this form, the product is taken together with warm tea or milk. It is forbidden to add sugar, to improve the taste it is better to add honey. Alcohol should not be taken at the same time..

Alcohol solution

This tool is prepared at home on the basis of vodka. Can be used during the illness of the child for rinsing the throat with sore throat and for inhalation. Also for the prevention of ODS, it is recommended to take orally and pound.

In pills

Royal jelly tablets

In this form, royal jelly is sold directly in pharmacies. Recommended resorption under the tongue in the amount of two pieces.

Indications and beneficial therapeutic properties of the pure product of bees

Fresh royal jelly is similar to sour cream in its consistency, yellowish white and slightly tart with a hint of flavor. Most of all the healing qualities of royal jelly has a fresh form, since all important biological substances are preserved.

Royal jelly in any form is used for men and women to normalize blood sugar, get rid of bad cholesterol and to restore blood pressure. Take Royal Jelly shown:

  • With cardiovascular diseases.
  • Stress, neurosis, depression and hysteria.
  • During treatment infertility.
  • Painful menstruation.
  • With ODS.
  • For healing trophic ulcers and other damage to the epidermis.
  • To relieve symptoms diabetes.
  • In case of violations work utilities, liver.
  • Sexual dysfunction.

For all these indications, it is recommended to take royal jelly in any form.


If there is an individual intolerance of the product, then they need to refuse treatment. Also, if the patient has viral diseases in acute form, malignant tumors, Addison syndrome, a high level of blood clotting. In all these cases, to use royal jelly is strictly contraindicated, as it can cause harm. But there are exceptions, when doctors, in the presence of a tumor, prescribe this beekeeping product as a therapy. If there are certain contraindications, you need to consult a doctor.

What ailments do men and women use?

Royal jelly is widely known not only as a therapeutic substance in traditional medicine, but also in official medicine is also used less often. This product has not only powerful preventive properties, but also healing for many diseases.

  1. Royal Jelly is used to calm the nervous system. With strong stressful situations, nervous overstrain.
  2. No less effective product is considered to general immunity strengthening, increase vitality, improve memory properties, increase working ability and stimulate appetite.
  3. Used when heart disease to strengthen the body. Also great for the treatment of dysfunctions of the liver, gastrointestinal tract and metabolic disorders.
  4. Is used for treatment of male diseases, in particular adenomas and prostatitis. Or in the case of sexual dysfunction.
  5. Royal jelly is often taken during pregnancy planning. Also at fertility treatment.
Royal jelly during pregnancy
  1. Due to the excellent property - stimulation of bone tissue developmentThe product is prescribed for fractures.
  2. Considered the best antibacterial agent., therefore, it can be used in the treatment of serious diseases such as tuberculosis and other ailments caused by staphylococcus.
  3. Assigned for the treatment of postpartum hypoproteamia, heavy bleeding.
  4. For rehabilitation therapy after a heart attack.
  5. Applied with diabetes, stomach ulcers, renal failure, diseases of the epidermis.

Video: the benefits and harm of royal jelly for humans, methods of application

How to apply for treatment at home, instructions

Besides the fact that royal jelly is used in the treatment of many diseases, it also used for healing hair and skin.

Against hair loss

To prepare the mask Egg yolks, royal jelly and normal yeast must be taken. All components are mixed until smooth and applied to the roots. Soak the product on the hair for about an hour and rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water and lemon juice. It is necessary to make masks with an interval of two days.

Royal Jelly Balm Mask

To accelerate hair growth

The following components are taken: castor oil, yolk and royal jelly. Distribute the finished consistency in curls and leave for half an hour. After a time, rinse with shampoo.

Face masks

Vitamin A and E, royal jelly, lemon juice, clay, avocado oil mix and apply as a nourishing face mask. Keep on the skin for at least half an hour. It is recommended to apply not only on the face, but also on the neckline.

Royal jelly face mask

Alcohol solution

To get a solution, you must adhere to the correct proportions - 20: 1, based on vodka and royal jelly. In exceptional cases, proportions may vary. This solution can wipe the skin (has a disinfecting effect against acne).

Treatment with a natural product has no side effects, therefore it is one of the most effective means of healing therapy against a number of diseases.

Video about the role of royal jelly for women's health